Eurocomics Translation Panel, Friday 2/6 New York Comic Con

3 02 2009

We have seen the barbarians at the gates AND THEY ARE NERD. As a mass mailing subject line informed me this morning: NYCC takes over NY in three days! That’s right… Anyhoo, Friday night 7:15-8:15 in room 1A22 I’ll be sharing a stage with editors Calista Brill (First Second), Carol Burrell (Lerner), CB Cebulski (Marvel), Terry Nantier (NBM), Olivier Jalabert (Soleil), and creators Babara Canepa (Sky Doll) and Christophe Arleston (Lanfeust of Troy). Enough for ya? Basically, we’ll introduce ourselves and then it’ll be time for questions.

Also, my friends GB Tran, Jamie Tanner, and Fred Chao will be threesome-ing a booth in Artist’s Alley. Don’t miss! Here’s a map. Go forth and spend like a patriot.

College buddy and Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak will be speaking on his NBC series Sunday at 11:15 AM in Room 1A08-12 (WTF with these complicated room numbers?)

This concludeth the plugging for this week. There will be no further announcements about the impending comics invasion. You now know all ye need know.



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