Friday Round-Up

10 07 2009

A few new links to announce:

  • My close friend H.V. Chao has his first-ever published story, “The Interview,” up at Diet Soap, Douglas Lain’s speculative situationist zine. Not only is Portland-based Lain himself a formidable fiction writer, but he also finds the time to run a fantastic mind-bending podcast, whose signature theme is a banjo version of The Internationale.
  • My friend M@ alerted me to Heather McDougal at Cabinet of Wonders raving, with pictures, about Joann Sfar—specifically, series I was involved in translating: Sardine and Little Vampire. Nice words and nifty pictures.
  • Two new pieces up in July’s Words Without Borders: an excerpt from Jochen Gerner’s tongue-in-cheek comics essay Contre la B.D. and Carles Torner’s essay on Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah.



One response

12 07 2009

sweet….I let Jeff know so maybe he’ll pimp it. What’s been up? Drop me a line.

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