3 08 2007

UPDATE: This just in from Evil Twin! Advance copies of the AWESOME! anthology may be ordered here at the AWESOME price of 45% off cover! That’s right: only $8.22 for 208 pages of pure comix AWESOMENESS. What’s more, your support goes to two AWESOME causes: all profits will be split between the Indie Spinner Rack podcast and a student scholarship for the Center Of Cartoon Studies. The more pre-orders, the more books are printed. You owe it to yourself to spend your money AWESOMELY.

Long overdue and late on the bandwagon for this proclamation of upcoming instant fame, clout, and cash: the October appearance of “We Are Not Alone”, my first published comic story and original work, drawn by the peerless G.B. Tran. Pages are up for preview of Indie Spinner Rack’s fall anthology of pure talent from Evil Twin Comics. Pages from “We” are to be found here (the first tantalizing page) and here (splash genius): marvel at the Vol-Tran’s comix chops. Clicking “Home” at the top will take you on a magical mystery wonder tour through the volume’s other contributors: oohs, ahs, and awe are in order. A text description and list of contributors is at publisher Ryan Dunlavey’s livejournal page. He and Fred Van Lente draw and scribe the most excellent Action Philosophers! Finally, contributor J. Chris Campbell discusses the genesis of the collection’s title at his blog, which also features cover close-ups.



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